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Quotes Running a home, a business, and a creative project in a small workspace is CHAOTIC. Paula calmly helped me move through overwelm. I am delighted, and surprised, that six months later, I am still able to apply the strategies she taught. Quotes
Catherine V. Tucker
Author of The Maltese Dreamer

Quotes Paula helped in keeping the house running smoothly;and coordinated some of my business life. She has a fabulous sense of humor and is an absolute joy to be around. Quotes
Sally Field

Quotes After putting our cards in a basket at each monthly Topanga Chamber of Commerce meeting, one lucky recipient is chosen to receive the services that a member has volunteered. I was lucky enough to receive Paula's card which entitled my charity, Topanga Women's Circle, to a free organizing session. I needed help with my paperwork...what to keep, what to toss and how to organize my files. An hour and half later and mission accomplished! I have managed to maintain the system Paula established for me and would recommend her most highly to any who may have need of her services. Thanks, Paula! Quotes
Lin Wood IIsley
Topanga Women's Circle

Quotes Paula came to my home/studio and immediately got me on track! In our first consultation, we were able to map out a new more efficient floor plan for my office. Once the move was made she helped me organize my filing system, and inspired me to use a much dreaded X cel sheet that I had been resisting for 2 years. She also supported me in finding an Art Inventory program/data base that organizes and keeps track of where my artwork is located as well as track sales and collect client information. Paula has been instrumental through her weekly coaching sessions in helping me get and stay organized and focused. Thank you Paula!!! Quotes
Robyn Feeley
Artist/Topanga CA

Quotes Testimonial for Paula Dove: Paula-Pop-Ins-12/6/10 Paula came into my home office and brought it back in to order. I have had a difficult time with illness in the last couple of years, because of that my paperwork became out of control, and I fell behind. I am a retired graphic designer. I have worked in advertising, freelanced for many years then managed, created new procedures and was awarded V.P. status in each agency. I designed the interiors of 5 major advertising agencies and worked on just about every product produced. I have always been a very organized person, so to fall behind was frustrating. Paula has been instrumental in bringing control back into my office. She was able to organize, purge and put my files together without much input from me which freed me. There is complete confidentiality when Paula comes into my home, she is extremely trustworthy and I will not hesitate to call her if I need help again. She is also a very fun person to be with. Quotes
Lina Tso
Retired Graphic Designer-Topanga Cyn

Quotes Paula has worked for me on myriad occasions since 1990. Although I pride myself on my organizational abilities, last fall my home had become so overwhelming that I called Paula in desperation. In three short days, Paula helped me go through 3 rooms, systematically transforming them. We rearranged furniture, determined which clothing and other items I could store and which I could donate. She packed box after box and helped me move things to our storage area. She worked with my teenage daughter to transform her bedroom into a space my daughter really loves. Whenever I started to run out of steam, Paula used her excellent sense of humor to re-inspire me. She is amazing to see in action! When she was all done, she departed with 10 boxes to donate to charity, and returned later with an itemized tax receipt. My home feels like home now -comfortable, elegant and uncluttered, thanks to Paula. Pacific Palisades Quotes
Linda Deacon

Quotes I am a single working mother, with three children, aged 17 thru 7. I needed to prepare a large Topanga household for rental while we were living in the home. I needed my 17 year old daughter to pack up her room, not only for the summer, but also to prepare for September when she would be moving to college. I also had a shed in the back yard full of my ex-husband's belongings and she dealt with this. When I hired Paula for the job, I warned her that it would it be tough, and it became a tougher job than I imagined. I watched and saw Paula handle all the situations and all the problems with grace and incredible people and management skills. Quotes
Cassandra Wiseman
Writer-Topanga Canyon

Quotes Paula was amazing when I was in the middle of having my home re-modeled. She helped me de-clutter, lighten the load, and bring my home back into harmony. She is much appreciated. Quotes
Anna Brown
Assistant Principal

Quotes As a single mother raising two children with a demanding high profile career in the finance sector, Paula Dove came to my aid and has proven herself to be an invaluable asset in organizing and re-balancing our lives. Quotes
Caroline Fox
Corporate Financier

Quotes Paula's responsibilities included organizing and implementing personal and business affairs from coordinating and calendaring appointments to keeping us all on track. The value of her good humored, well balanced support and insights are beyond measure. Quotes
Pauline Stevens